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Personal Project

World Ready


How it works

Over the course of 6 months, participants will explore and challenge themselves to critically examine their lives to see how their own values are being lived out.

Using the Harvard Case Study Method, the topics of romantic relationships, work and citizenship will be investigated.

The course involves reading the case study, participating in a small in-person group discussion and bringing the shared experiences to a larger plenary meeting online.

Plus, there are other fun opportunities to meet others who are embarking on this same journey.

Come along to a meet and greet to get a taste of Personal Project


Ramblin' Man (Brunswick East)

Tuesday 21 May - 6:30pm


The Topics

This year we will be covering 3 topic. Each topic requires you to read the case study for 30mins, come to an in person small group session (approx 1hr.) and attend an online plenary discussion (approx 2hrs). 

Each group activity will be approximately 3 weeks apart, with date to be confirmed after registration.

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What is a healthy work-life balance? 

How can I be a better professional?

What if I don't like my job?

Time: June - July 

Moderator Session: 3pm Saturday 6 July



What should I do about social justice and human rights?

How can I make a difference in the world?

Time: August

Moderator Session: 3pm Saturday 24 August

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Romantic Relationships

What do I look for in my future spouse?

How can I prepare for a relationship?

What does a good relationship look like?

Time: September - October

Moderator Session: 3pm Saturday 12 October

Personal Project

This program is designed for emerging and young adults who are navigating crucial life decisions about their future, such as career, relationships, and personal beliefs, often without complete understanding or criteria. This course helps them to assess their circumstances and make thoughtful decisions, embracing both freedom and responsibility.

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