For couples of all the ages

There is a need for a strong bond between the spouses for a healthy and fulfilling marriage and, in many cases, in order to achieve better results in raising children. This course is designed for all married couples who want to strengthen their marriage and deepen their personal growth. Marriage is a life project to be undertaken with responsibility, freedom and love.

This course will help couples by providing them with the knowledge and tools to achieve greater marital happiness.





General Sessions are held at Montgrove College, Orchard Hills from 2-4pm

Course cost is $230 per couple.

Jun 1  Jun 22  Jul 27  Aug 24  Sep 21

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This course will be held at St Cuthbert's College, Performing Arts Centre. Course time is from 7:30pm- 8:30pm except the May session which will run from 2:00pm-3:00pm

Apr 9 (Intro)  May 5  Jun 11  Jul 9  Aug 13  Sep 10    

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